I spent the better part of my youth on the golf course. It started on the putting green with my dad and grandpa. And after years spending seven days a week on the course, playing competitively, and doing everything I could to master this impossible, addictive game, golf has become more than a youthful pastime—it’s become my life’s passion. 

I started Fiori Golf—a modern sportswear brand with influences from my Italian heritage (Fiori translates to “flowers”) and the surfing community of Southern California—because I wanted to bring something to the golf world that inspired golfers to own their love for the game, whether they were playing or not. At Fiori, it’s our mission to push the boundaries of golf style, not with gimmicks or in-your-face graphics, but with timeless, quality garments pulling inspired by the attention to detail of Italian sprezzatura and the laid-back energy of the SoCal surf scene. We want to provide golfers with apparel they’re proud to wear, and that represents both their personal style and a healthy departure from the apparel of golf’s past. 

More than anything, though, at Fiori Golf, we want to inspire people to strive for their full form—or, put another way, to bloom—in your everyday life.

Thanks for stopping by, and for growing with us!

Anthony Wagner
Founder, Fiori Golf